Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Am Not A Slacker!

It is 8:00pm , and I have just put the little one to bed.

As I sit in front of my computer and check my daily calender, I realize that I still have 5 things to do before I can bring an end to my work day. I also realize that I have not blogged in a week or so...and this is becoming a pattern.

I immediately say to myself, I am a slacker! Then I go to the Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary to look up the meaning of the word slacker...cause you know me...I must know what I mean, when I say what I think I mean (too much?)

Slacker: a person who shirks work or obligation.


In fact, not only am I NOT shirking (evading, avoiding),my work, I am doing WAy too much! I am working, thinking, developing, writing, and researching way too much. AND...I love it! I love what I do. The more I love it, the more I want to do it. I am taking on new personal projects, writing new songs, negotiating new deals for my husband, finalizing the plans for my new website, and whatever else I can squeeze into the day.

I have made apologies on this blog, by email, and instant message for not blogging lately. My wonderful followers (those I knew about and those I didn't know about until they sent me an email asking me about missing some days of blogging) have made me come to a temporary decision.

For now, I will be blogging once a week (unless I really have something to get off my mind).
Thursday will be the day.

So look for my blogs on Thursday; starting next week!

Before I go, consider this quote by James Allen:

See to it that you rise by steady climbing, and you will never fall.

To Blog...Nakeia

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