Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Were You Thinking?

Without a doubt, most of you were excited about the New Year. You were pumped! You were motivated! You were driven---and on the 12th day of the New Year---you have already lost some steam.

Now I don’t blame you completely. You have a lot going on. Your bank account has lost more weight than you resolved to. Your biggest supporters are busy supporting themselves. You are doing so much right now, you can hardly keep up---and you feel like if you can just have a moment to catch your breath, you just may be able to catch up.

I have one question for you---WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!

Actually I know what you were thinking. You were thinking that this year would be your year. You thought you could take it all on at once---and you really thought this time would be the time that you finally did it. BUT---you’re doing too much! Stop trying to do it all and start doing what makes sense.

You are only 12 days in, and this time will be the time you do it…

…if---you Simply Do What Makes Sense™

If what you are doing to achieve your goal is tiring you out, getting you out of focus, and causing you to second guess yourself, it doesn’t make sense. AND---if it doesn’t make sense, don’t do it.

I want that to be your theme for the year.

Here’s your approach:

Take out your list of resolutions. Now tear it up and throw it away. You don’t need it.

If writing a list of things could make you successful, you would have accomplished your goals the day you wrote them down.

Now close your eyes and get a clear picture of how you want your year to be. Once you see the vision, write it down in vivid detail. Who are you? How do you look? What are you doing? How do you feel?

On another sheet of paper, write down your reality in those areas. Who are you now? What do you look like now? What are you doing now? How do you feel now?

Your next move is simple.

Eliminate one thing every week from your reality, that is not apart of the clear vision you have for your future. If what you are doing, saying, feeling, and living don’t fit the vision; eliminate it---one action, one word, one thought at a time.

Make this year your year by simply doing what makes since!

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