Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Need A Therapist!

I am guilty...I have done it again...I have not been practising what I preach...I NEED A THERAPIST! Seriously.

I am on autopilot. I took on too many projects. I took on clients that require more attention than I am able to give (without taking away from some other areas of my life). I got behind on my housework. I got behind on my reading. I got behind in my writing. I got sick, and then I got my family sick.

Now I am playing catchup and interviewing therapist...cause I REALLY think I need one!

I have received your messages and I have not forgotten about you. I am just taking some time to get myself together!

Here is what I have done, so far, to get myself back on track:

Created a list of things that require my immediate attention. This list is very detailed and focuses on the things that I NEED to do right now. (i.e. unanswered emails from potential clients)

Limited my phone and computer use. For me, the phone and computer can be horrible distractions. I have set aside time at the beginning and end f my work day for returning phone calls and use of the Internet that does not involve current or potential clients.

Delegated duties that did not require my direct involvement. This one is hard for me, yet it is the most useful. Taking help where I can get it has increased my daily productivity. The more efficient hands involved, the more efficient the results.

If you are as guilty as I am and need to get yourself together as well, join me by implementing those three effective strategies and back on track.

To Blog...Nakeia


  1. Great Blog SuperStar Nakeia :)! I always enjoy reading.