Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ambition...A Dirty Word?

Oprah likes the word.

Donald Trump doesn’t.

Some people consider it a dirty word. Others believe it’s a necessity.

By definition, ambition is an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power and is almost always directed toward a particular end.

I will admit to using the word to convey the type of desire necessary to achieve a particular goal. However, I understand how the emphasis on rank, fame, and power can be perceived as negative.

Here’s the thing, to have an ardent desire to become the best you in every area of your life is a healthy-- and I believe a necessary goal. You should always desire to do better, be better, and achieve more. However, rank, fame, and power should not be your driving force. If you desire to become a lawyer, doctor, speaker, photographer, or restaurateur because you think it will make you famous and not because you believe in the work and believe you can add value to that particular industry, your potential clients will receive that message loud and clear; and your success will ultimately be short lived.

Speaking of Oprah and Donald Trump

Although they have both achieved all of the money, rank, fame and power most can only dream of attaining, neither of them set out to achieve just that. What they both set out to do was be the best at what they did best and the rank, fame, and power was just a part of the package.

Those who seek riches will spend all of their days seeking.

Do you use the word ambition? Are you motivated by rank, fame, or power?

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