Thursday, June 23, 2011

Different From The Rest...

Have you ever purchased a brand new car, driven it off of the lot, and then noticed that seemingly ever other person in your city was driving the same exact car. Well, that may be an exaggeration. However, it does seem as if the minute you purchase or want to purchase something, you immediately begin to notice how many other people have already made the same purchase. For some this may make the purchase that much more appealing. You may think to yourself, if everyone else has it, it must be a great buy. For others, the idea of driving the same car as your neighbor from two houses down is not so appealing. You may feel like a copycat, unoriginal, and not like the trend setter you thought you were.

We have all heard that trends come and go, but in a world with more than ten different mainstream versions of essentially the same type of social networking, it has become increasingly more difficult to be an original anything. Most people do what most people do. In other words, people have began to only get involved in something when they hear that everyone else is doing it. It’s almost like high school. You know how we use to run home from school and beg our parents to buy us the jeans that the most popular girl or guy in school wore that day- in the hopes that we too could become the popular girl or guy in school.

Here’s the thing, if everyone else is driving it, wearing it, creating it, or leading the way with it, not only does the world not need you to do it, if you did it, I doubt if anyone would notice. That’s right, NO ONE WOULD NOTICE YOU.

If you want to get some notice- with your business, on your job, or even in your own home- you are going to have to do something different. What’s different about you is what sets you apart. What’s different about you is what will generate interest. What’s different about you may be exactly what the world needs.

We don’t another television reality star, social networking site, cell phone app, or the next Oprah. Learn to be an original in a world full of knock-offs!

To Blog…Nakeia

What makes you different form the rest? How can you use that difference to make money, impact your community, or influence the next generation?

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