Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waiting On Perfect

You can plan it.

You can meet on it.

You can talk about it.

You can blog about it. will not get done until you do it.

This is not just a fact but it is a principle that I know ALL successful people come to realize early on.

There will never be the perfect time, perfect place, or perfect circumstance. When you really think about it, there always seems to be something that could be better.

You have a choice. You can sit, plan, prepare, research, and wait on perfect...or you can just start. You can start your book, start your blog, start your cupcake business, or start your marketing firm and watch your wonderful self create perfection right before your very own eyes.

Waiting on perfect will get you no where, but starting certainly will.

To Blog...Nakeia

Do you believe perfect exists? What could you start today?


  1. WOW! this is an awesome article. I really identify with it because that was me for a while. I could sit, plan, prepare, and research all day. but it didnt get me anywhere. its not until i took inventory of what i was doing that i really saw that reading all these books and researching meant nothing without action! having the knowledge is great but if you dont put that knowledge to use nothing will come of it. so...i really like this post! this is really a motivator when you feel yourself slowing down progress...thanks for writing this!

  2. Thanks for reading RaShaun!

    I like to say...If you do it, it will get done.

    When I see myself getting caught up in the researching, planning, and preparation, I remind myself of that fact.

    There's power in doing!