Thursday, March 29, 2012

Get Things Done

At least twice a week some mommy, some wife, some business owner, some purpose seeker, or some random person will ask me how I find time to get things done.

This week in particular, an old friend sent me a facebook message asking me how many hours a week I worked.

The answer is always different, because I have to adjust my schedule, on a moments notice, due to the fact that I am a mommy, a wife, a multi-business owner, a purpose seeker, and sometimes I am very random.

There are, however, a few things that always remain the same; and if you are trying to make sense of your schedule and really get things done, here is a great approach:

Wake up early/Go to bed late. This approach is by far the most important for me and the most difficult ALL AT THE SAME TIME. But the bottom line is, if I am going to get anything significant accomplished, I am going to have to do it when no one else is awake. You can decide to wake up early in the morning to work, stay up late to work, or join me in doing both. Just commit to carving out the time you need to get things done.

Turn off the television/unplug the phone. I don’t think this needs explaining. But, just in case, it can be explained by answering this question: How much time did you spend watching television and/or on the phone today that could have been spent getting things done? If you have wasted even a second of your life doing either or both of those things, when you could have been getting things done, you know what you need to do.

Check-in often. There are three times during my day that I take the time to check in. This is especially important for work at-home-moms and entrepreneurs. When left to our own devices it’s easy to get distracted by everyday occurrences. Checking in with your daily planner will help you stay on task and keep you far from distractions. I check in once my oldest child has left for school, after I have prepared lunch, and once again when everyone has gone to bed.

These strategies seem simple. But the simple and effective things that most people overlook, is exactly what people who need to get things done need to do. Implementing these three quick strategies, today, will help you get more done than you have all week!

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