Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making My Way Through

I am the oldest of 6 siblings. However, I was raised in my home as an only child for most of my life. Let's just say I am no stranger to me time and I value that time very much.

Now that I am a wife and mother of two, I can only grab me time if I wake up at 5am.

For the past month or so, I have been working through some difficult times. Anyone that ever attempts to become a master of their life understands that difficulty is unavoidable. It is impossible to master a skill without putting it through a test. I don’t know about you, but I have rarely met an easy test.

I am proud to say that no matter how difficult the times or the test, I always win. I spent my me time this morning going over my wins as a means of encouraging myself through this time and here is what I discovered:

What makes me a better mentor to those struggling to make sense of their lives, a better mother to my two children, a better wife, a better sister, a better friend, and a better blogger, is my ability to work my way through to the other side.

You see, if you are facing difficulty or struggle, it is because you are heading in the direction of something that is it’s opposite. The opposite of difficulty is ease. You just have to make your way through. Once you master a skill to the point of ease, the next time you make an attempt at mastery, of any kind, will feel easier and easier.

If you have been met with difficulty of any kind and need some encouragement as you make your way through, From Strength to Struggle is a great post for you to read today.

To Blog…Nakeia

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