Thursday, January 27, 2011

Follow the Leader

As a child I loved playing Follow the Leader. I especially loved it when I was elected leader first. You remember that game right? The object of the game is to be the last follower standing. The last follower standing gets the reward of being the next leader. During the game, the leader takes the followers through a series of actions that must be mimicked. Those who have difficulty following are out.

I was reminded of this game during one of my sessions this week. I am working with someone who in addition to searching for personal fulfillment, is working toward a promotion at work. Lately, she admittedly spends most of her work day complaining and bantering about the office. She feels as though the person holding down the position she has set her sights on, is not doing a very good job. She has literally been panting after the promotion. Unfortunately, all of her complaining, bantering, and panting has taken the place of her current duties and she has fallen behind.

For those of us who wish to reach our highest potential, it is important to recognize that we can only move forward after mastering the present. If you want a promotion at work-- if you want to be elected the next community leader-- if you want to be the next one to say I Do-- if you want to reach your highest potential in every aspect of your life…You must master your present, hold down your current position to the highest extent, and learn to follow just as well as you would lead.

Every great leader used to be a great follower!

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