Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From Strength...To Struggle

I heard someone say this week that you shouldn’t ask for life to be easy but ask for it to be worth it.

I use to believe that life was only difficult for those who made bad choices. That is true in some respect. If you make bad choices you should expect bad results to follow. But…what about those that do their very best to live a good life yet still struggle at the hand of sickness and misfortune? What about those that are struggling at the hand of this difficult economic time despite their college degrees and extensive work experience? I found the answers to those questions within the definition of two words… struggle and strength. To struggle is to proceed with difficulty or great effort; to make violent strenuous efforts against opposition; and a strongly motivated attempt. Strength is the state of being strong; capacity for exertion or endurance; power to resist force and attack; an inherent asset.

Life should be worth living, whether it is easy or not. Find strength in the struggle. After all, struggle has nothing to do with the circumstances you face and everything to do with your action toward it. Struggle denotes your level of effort against the thing that opposes you. This is where you will gain strength. Your power to resist is an inherent asset. You can only recognize and understand that power if you have need to exercise it. Your biggest strength should be your ability to struggle.

Next time something tries to oppose you, I want you to struggle! If life could just be easy, that would be great but wherein would lie your strength? Look for life to teach, fulfill, and lend time to you. Not to be easy to you. There is strength in your struggle if you see it for what it really is.

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