Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can You Handle More?

Life has a way of giving us just what we can handle. Of course if you are anything like, you can always use a bit more. But really, if you woke up tomorrow morning and everything you wanted was sitting in your living room (of course…that is if it’s not too big to fit in our living room), could you even handle it?

Better yet, could you support it?

You want a bigger house. But do you support the house or apartment you are living in now? Is it clean? Is everything in it, in working order? Are you ever there?

You want a new car. But do you support the car you have now? Is it well maintained? When is the last time you’ve washed it? Is it paid off?

Remember this. What you have now is the foundation upon which whatever you will have, in your future, must stand. If you want more, you must be able to support more. Also remember this. If you are not a good steward over what you have now, you can not be trusted with more.

Here is what you can do to make sure that you can support more:

Write a list of everything that you have but want more of, or better/bigger than.

Now complete a Support Check. Assess the condition of everything that you have. Is everything in working order? Have you put what you have now to good use? Is what you have now a strong enough foundation for more?

Of course if you have a good assessment, then more is on the way! If not, join me in making sure that you have a stable foundation. Spend the last 22 days of 2010 getting a good handle on what you already have.

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