Thursday, March 17, 2011

Born Fearless

We are born fearless. We know what we want and are not afraid to ask for it. Through screams and tears we demand to be fed, changed, and held. As we grow independently mobile, we climb up stairs without hesitation, crawl or walk over to other children and take the toys we want for ourselves, and when we didn’t want something we made it known by introducing tantrums into the mix.

Then as toddlers we get hit with our first no. We are told that we can’t climb stairs at will and safety gates go up around the house. We are forced to share toys that we’d rather keep for ourselves and time-outs are established to counter the tantrums.

As we get older and grow into adulthood we learn to want less. Most often what we want out of life gets determined by what we think we can have. Tantrums, screams and tears are no longer an acceptable way to obtain the things we desire. Going up to someone and taking what we want for ourselves will undoubtedly be met with jail time. Slowly but surely we learn that just because we want something, doesn’t mean we will get it. Our wants get met with inhibitions. Our deepest desires are met with fear.

Yes, we were born fearless, but somewhere along the way, we learn to accept fear as a part of life and we become afraid to ask for what we want in life.

Well guess what? The safety gates have been removed, time-outs are for kids, and no does not mean never! You can have what you want! The life that you truly want is waiting for you to walk up to it and take it. (You will not be jailed for that) But in order to get what you want, you must be fearless. You can no longer accept fear as a part of life. You must be the fearless person you were born to be!

Do you think that fear has been holding you back? What do you fear the most? Do you know what you want out of life?

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