Thursday, March 10, 2011

What I Know For Sure.

Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that there are VERY FEW times when they have found me to be speechless, hesitant, and ready to just give up. Since I began my journey of personal development at the age of ten, I make it a point to look at life as a giant classroom. I believe that everything that happens to me, good and bad, is all apart of a master plan to assist me in achieving my goal to live a life that is balanced, lacking nothing, and whole (mind, body, and soul).

Along the way, I have been faced with difficulties. Some difficulties I was born into and some were self inflicted. Nevertheless, I continued to move forward. So this week, when faced with the question what do you do when you have done everything that you know to do and still everything goes wrong, I found myself speechless and hesitant to try and come up with a clear answer…for a brief moment.

Here is what I know for sure. Life is a series of circumstances that are followed by responses which lead to particular outcomes. In other words, things happen---sometimes good things and sometimes bad things. How we respond when those things happen is what will determine the outcome.

I dissected the question what do you do when you have done everything that you know to do and still everything goes wrong and here is what I discovered:

Sometimes what we know to do is the problem. Sometimes we don’t know enough or have enough experience in a particular area to get the outcome we want. Ultimately, sometimes we respond the wrong way, therefore we usher in the wrong outcome. Instead of focusing on your current circumstances, try focusing on your response. But before you respond, ask yourself if you know enough to respond in way that will give you the outcome you desire.

Here are 2 quick tips that will help you increase what you know:

Find someone that has overcome the difficult circumstance that you face and ask them how they did it. If you can’t find someone that you know personally, go pick up an autobiography from the library or bookstore.

Before you decide on a response to a difficult circumstance, run your idea by a good friend and ask for his/her incite. Even though that person may not have experienced the same thing, he/she may be able to offer an objective solution; or at least tell you if your idea is a good one or not.

What do you know for sure? Are you currently facing a difficult circumstance? How will you handle it?

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