Thursday, September 9, 2010

Challenge Update!

I have been working with Stacy for just about two weeks now and she has come a long way in such a short period of time! The only thing I assigned her to do was to sit and listen to her self twice a day. Just doing that opened Stacy’s eyes to the fact that, she has been heavily influenced by outsiders.

Stacy's words:
I almost didn’t recognize my own inner voice. I have been worried about--- and listening to what other people say for too long. I haven’t been living my life. I have been living the life everyone else wanted for me.

Can you relate? Has the voice of outsiders been drowning out your own voice?

Beware of outsiders!
An outsider, within this context, is someone who is not directly attached to your purpose, plan, and intentions for your life; someone whose power and influence will not add value to your life; and someone whose life does not exemplify success, contentment, and wholeness. No ones voice should be more influential to yours. You will not succeed at living a life that is designed by someone else.

Here are a few questions that will indicate whether or not you are too heavily influenced by outsiders:

When you get an idea, do you call someone to validate it?
When making a decision, do you worry about what someone else will think?
When you have decided on an action, can someone easily talk you out of doing it?
How much of what you have done this week, was your idea?
Are you living the life you chose?

Moving forward, to ensure that you are hearing your own voice and living the life you desire, ask this question before making your next move:

Am I doing this because I want to or because an outsider wants me to?

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