Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Element of Surprise

Getting my daughter to keep a secret is the hardest thing to do. It’s as if she is going to explode with information at any minute. In our house, special occasions are especially difficult for her. She wants the honoree to be surprised, but she also wants to shout from the mountain top what gift, card, or special project she has in store. I try to explain to her that being able to keep a secret or hide a gift is just as exciting as sharing the moment of surprise; but for her, it’s just all too overwhelming…

On the other hand I sort of know how my daughter feels. Whenever I am writing a new song or working on a new project, I have a difficult time keeping it to myself. I may get so excited about the premise of a song that I have to call and share it with my sister. I may get overwhelmed by the promise of a new business prospect that I have to email my BFF. But---there is nothing worse than to have that overwhelming feeling of excitement, ruined by the lack of enthusiasm from someone else.

Your talents, skills, and countless abilities are your gifts to the world. Using those things to the best of your ability is how you will leave your mark. As excited as you may be to share them, releasing those gifts before they are fully developed may ruin their effect. It is true that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Taking the time to master your craft and detail your vision before you introduce it to the world will ensure that you leave a lasting impression.

…Speaking of vision. Your vision for your life is your vivid mental image. That means it is impossible for someone else to see your life exactly the way you see it. Your vision for your business, marriage, children, and personal image is unique to only you. It is possible for you to share your vision in such a detailed way that someone else may be able to imagine it; but even then, that person’s perceptual experience will be quite different than yours. You don’t want that difference to ruin your excitement for your vision. So take care in who you share it with.

Some things may be for your eyes only--- at least until the opportunity to share them is met with your preparation. Don’t ruin the element of surprise or enthusiasm for your gift to the world by presenting it prematurely. Spend time in preparation. Use time to your advantage.

Here are two quick tips for today:

Do not share an idea before it is fully developed. An idea is better served as a plan. Do your research and become as knowledge on the subject of your idea/plan as possible. You want to be prepared for questions and possible opportunities.

Develop Bullet Points. I am sure that there is an idea that you are extremely excited about at this very moment. After reading this blog you realize that you have been sharing your idea prematurely. If you are like my daughter and just can’t keep a secret, develop three Bullet Points that you can intelligently share. Those points can be as simple as the name of your idea, how you conceived it, and who can benefit from it.

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