Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yahoo and Me...

I have shared some stories from my life many times on this blog. As a speaker, I use my story as an introduction, and as a mentor I use my story, along with my research and professional experience, often to illustrate a particular point. So as part of my introduction to the Metro Atlanta area, I hosted a Lunch and Learn and invited some fellow speakers, authors, musical artists, and entrepreneurs to come and hear some of my story first hand.

The world is full of great people with interesting stories of overcoming obstacles, building success after years of failure; and stories of people becoming more than their circumstances, experiences, and even family told them they could be. So as compelling as the story of my life is to me, I pray, every time I get ready to speak, that I don’t bore the audience.
A wonderful woman by the name of Karen Francis came out to learn about me. She was also kind enough to invite four other people---which blew me away because she had never met me before that day. Although with her career in finance, real estate, radio, and marketing, Karen is a writer. She and I are a lot alike in that we believe in using every gift, talent, and skill that we have to add value to our lives as well as others we come in contact with. I really dig her style!
Anyway, Karen didn’t find me boring---thank God! She actually asked to interview me for the Associated Content for Yahoo. I am still working on my blogging skills and have yet to read the book I picked up on HTML. So please, bear with me as I the ancient way of posting a link to the interview.
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