Monday, September 13, 2010

Just a Reminder...

I received such an unexpected response from Friday's re-post. Some of my faithful followers sent me emails, text messages, and instant messages just to say thanks for the reminder. But what always catches me off guard, are the followers that I am unaware of ---the people that view the link from Facebook or people that are third party followers...

At the suggestion of one of my mentees, I took the time to read over some of my old posts. She was right...I am good! There were some strategies, quick tips, and my own personal experiences that helped me put some things back into perspective. She also right about the fact that give A LOT of my services away for free! Soon, I am going to have to start charging you Internet!!

Here is another good one:

Show Up...

During my last year of high school I experienced the worst migraine headaches ever. I mean the kind of headaches that would make my vision blurred, my speech slurred, and leave me completely incapacitated. I saw doctors and specialists. I tried medication and meditation. Nothing worked. It was so bad that I missed over 20 days of school and was told that I may not be able to graduate. I kept up with my assignments but the school’s policy stated that students were not permitted to be absent from school more than a certain number of days. In order to graduate, I had to turn in a note of explanation from my doctors which stated my medical condition and detailed how it could leave me unable to attend class. That letter of excuse saved me the trouble of repeating 12th grade.

An excuse is, among other things, an apology, justification, or note of explanation for an absence. It is acceptable to offer an excuse for being absent from class due to sickness. It is not acceptable to offer an excuse for being absent from the possibility of success. When you decide to make excuses, you are deciding not to show up to open the door when opportunity knocks. This is another area of my life that was difficult for me to shake. I was often guilty of making excuses. I gave what I thought were pretty compelling reasons why I didn't complete something I started or for something that I simply never started at all. When I realized what it really meant to make excuses, I made a pledge to myself never to do it again.

Join me and make a pledge to yourself ,today, never to excuse yourself from life again. Make a decision to be present. To be present is to exist. No more excuses. Show up! Your note of explanations will no longer be accepted.

If you are unsure of your purpose, confused about your next move, or are in an uncomfortable period of preparation, I suggest you join me in reading through my archives. In the words of my mentee, I am good at what I do. But even I need a reminder that will help put things into perspective from time to time...

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