Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Blame Game...

I had been a master at the “blame game” for years. No one was better at than I. My parents were to blame for my low self-esteem. My grandmother was to blame for my bad eating habits. An ex-boyfriend was to blame for every bad relationship I had after he left…well you get the point. I blamed everything on everybody!

Consider this obviously fictional example:

Can I “blame it on momma” when I get fired because on my way back to the front of a classroom full of five year olds, I stumped my toe on a desk and yelled “Oh sh-t!” Those of you who have hit your toe on a desk understand how that language can easily seem very fitting. If you are a kindergarten teacher, standing in front of a bunch of five year olds…not so much, even if your mother was a “cusser.”

By now, you see where I am going with this…I had to grow up and claim ownership of my life! Every experience life brings…good, bad, or indifferent was presented to prepare me for something. Everything I share, whether it is in front of attendees at a conference, in my soon to be released book, or in this blog, was bore out of my own personal experiences in some way. It took many years of working through my struggles to realize that blaming others takes the power to create my future out of my control and places it in their hands. I am responsible for me. Besides…if everyone else is to blame for all the bad that happens in my life; who gets the credit for all of the good?

Enough about me! What I want you to take from this is simple:

Own it! Every word you say. Every choice you make. Learn from the bad and live with the good. You may not have had control over who your parents were and what they decided to teach you. You could not control the outcome of a past relationship. You can, however, control and take credit for the person you are and the choices you make today!

To Blog…Nakeia