Friday, February 26, 2010

What's Your Thing (Part 5)

So here we go…Part 5. The final blog of the What Your Thing series…

Photography is something that I would say that I am ok at. I developed a love of photography working as a freelance makeup artist. While I was developing my portfolio, I would direct the photographers during shoots until eventually they would hand over the camera and say here you shoot it. One photographer in particular, by the name of Martin Kenneth, took me aside and said if you are going to do it, learn to do it right! He showed me a few basics and let me handle the rest of the shoot. It was a wonderful experience that sparked a new thing in my life. Now I wouldn’t in anyway classify myself as a photographer…not even with an amateur label attached to it. I just love to do it…so it’s one of my things.

The last category on our list consists of things that you are ok at. I wanted you to consider those things as being an agent of self development as well. Being creative and pursuing hobbies is a healthy way to build your confidence and relieve tension and stress. This is where having things that you are ok at comes into play. I use my interest in photography as an example of what I mean by things you are ok at. For you, it may be a sport or writing poetry. Take my husband for instance. He is a record producer and musician. He pretty much works around the clock creating music but when he is not working in the studio, he is in our kitchen baking something. Now he is not just ok at baking. He makes the best carrot cake I have ever eaten. People even offer to pay him to bake cakes around the holiday. For my husband, music is his thing and baking is the thing he loves to do when he is not creating music. That is how I want you to approach the things you are ok at.

Finally, as I said in Part 3, I realized two things about myself during my journey to discover my thing.
1. I wasn’t as complicated as I thought.
2. The things on my list are related.

This is how I do my thing

I am one that expresses me…through words that empower and lyrics put to melody. When I am not using my words, I am using my makeup brushes to define and enhance a person’s natural beauty. After everything is in its place, where ever that may be, I like to capture it in a photograph.

Of course, when I am done all of that, you can find me in the handbag section of Neiman’s.

To Blog...Nakeia

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