Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Easier Said Than Done...

I have always wondered why people even use the phrase “easier said than done.” It is more than obvious that it easier to say something than to do something. Saying something requires little effort or thought. What you say doesn’t even have to be true. Most of us just open our mouths and let what ever come up…come out. Easy…right? On the other hand to actually do something takes at least minimum effort. It may require some planning…oh and God forbid…in planning you may have to actually think and then act. Most often, people use the phrase in response to another person telling them to take some sort of action.

Example #1:
“To loose weight all you have to do is burn more calories than you take in daily.”
(Response) “That’s easier said than done.”
Example #2:
“If your relationship is causing you grief, you should just end it.”
(Response) “That’s easier said than done.”

My point is…your decision to take action should not depend upon the level of difficulty involved. If you want results, you must act…no matter what!

Tiger Woods is “gulf’s golden boy.” I know that he is not so “golden” in the media these days. However, his personal indiscretions will NEVER trump his athletic abilities. Anyway, his stories have been shared by many motivational speakers, coaches, and now me…so just go with it…again.

Through pain from torn ligaments in his knee and two fractures in his leg, Tiger Woods went on to win the 108th U.S. Open. The news of his specific injuries did not come out until after the tournament. Prior to the breaking news, he played so well, his opponents accused him of faking the pain to serve as an excuse in case he didn’t win. Playing in that tournament wasn’t in any way easy for Tiger. A friend of Tiger’s reported that the doctor advised him not to play. In response, Tiger said “I’ll play and I’ll win.” Tiger’s desire to win overshadowed his pain. He wanted results, so he took action…no matter what! What he said was easy, but went on to do was far from it.

I don’t know about you but I have no plans to play in the next U.S. Open…not that it’s ever going to be an option for me. I do, however, have plans for my life that requires immediate action if they will ever be fulfilled. It has not always been easy for me to do what I say. But like Tiger, my decision to take action does not depend on the level of difficulty involved. I want results, so I will always act…no matter what!

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