Monday, July 12, 2010

Dreams, Shoes, and Reality...

There is nothing like a good dream. You know the kind of dream that seems so real, that you don’t even know you are dreaming until you wake up. I dream of movie ideas, song lyrics and melodies, and I even relive past events or foresee future events in my dreams. My husband thinks that I am crazy. Well, he always thinks I am crazy for some reason or another, but specifically, when it comes to dreams, he really thinks I’m crazy.
Here’s a dream confession. Sometimes I dream that my husband has done something to make me angry and I actually wake up with an attitude. Like the time I dreamt I’d just purchased a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. I wore the shoes to an exclusive event that I was asked to emcee. As I walked on to the stage, I tripped and my heel broke! What happened next is what angered me. I looked over to the table where my husband was seated, and there he was, laughing at me. Laughing! I woke up very angry at him that day because anyone who knows my husband will tell you that if that had happened in real life, he would be sitting at the table laughing!
Here is another dream confession. When I get a new idea or goal, I make myself to dream about it so that I can get a visual glimpse or vision of that idea. I doubt if any science will back up my claim, but it’s true. I can make myself dream of something by thinking about it intently just before I go to bed. Really! It works every time.
A dream is a sequence of images that appear involuntarily to the mind during sleep. Those images can be a mixture of real and imaginary characters, places, and events. Conversely, a dream can also be something that is hoped for and a hope is a confident desire. Most often, this type of dream is something that is far removed from present circumstances. This type of dream is also found in the heart of someone ambitious, hopeful, and fearless.
Today, I have a message the dreamers. Specifically, the people who can see their goals, plans, and purpose in the form of a vision while a sleep and awake, can feel their purpose as it pulses in their heart, and are ready to see those dreams become reality. Keep dreaming! I know, that’s not exactly the message you were look for; but it’s the message you need. When you let go of your dream or idea of a likelihood of success, you ultimately forfeit your chance for something desirable to happen in your life.
James Allen says that dreams are the seedlings of realities. In other words, dreams are small developing images of your future reality. I say dream until what you see in your sleep and feel in your heart is realized in your life.
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