Monday, July 26, 2010

Tips Week!

As I begin to revamp one of my businesses and prepare to launch another, I have had a hard time keeping up with everything. If you follow my blog regularly, you already know how many hats I wear. As a full-time wife, mom, writer, and business manager, maintaining a consistent level of productivity is extremely important to me. I understand that if I am productive, I will abundantly and efficiently experience a desired life. However, sometimes I find myself just doing whatever to keep up. In business being productive boils down to economics. When I am productive, my business is productive---that is ---my business is producing goods and services of exchangeable value. In other words if I am productive, I will get paid. It is also important to maintain productivity in my personal life as well. I should be producing satisfactory and useful results among my family, in the area of my health, and concerning my personal desires.

I know I am not alone. I have had this conversation with friends and colleagues who all have the same concerns. For me, the past few months had been very busy. I had been running errands, on the phone, on the computer, cooking and cleaning, and one morning as I prepared to start my day, I sat in front of my computer trying to find one that I had produced---one thing that was of exchangeable value---one thing that was abundant and efficient. There was nothing. No-thing!

So I went back into my archives and pulled out my list of strategies for maintaining a productive life. I felt it was time that I got a handle on things and started practicing what I preach. Now that I am back on track, I have decided to dedicate this week to sharing my strategies with you. Everyday, I will be sharing a small tip that will make a big impact on your week.

Tip #1:
Plan ahead.
You can either plan your day the day before, or plan your days a week ahead. I personally create weekly plans. Your plan or system for achieving productivity should be detailed and results driven. You should use phrases like:

Today I will email my new proposal to 5 potential clients between the hours of 9am and 11am


Today I will read 1 chapter in my new book between 7am and 8pm

If you commit to implementing the first tip for one week you will get more done with less effort. You will also feel like more hours have been added to your day because instead of being busy or occupied, you will be more efficient.

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