Monday, July 5, 2010


For the past five days, I have had a house full of people…up to ten to be exact! Beds, sofas, air mattresses, make-shift floor beds, and three bathrooms were shared by 8 girls and two guys (my poor husband). We laughed until we cried, ate until we couldn’t breath, remembered how life used to be, and shared stories of life in motion. We talked about childhood dreams that still need to be realized, and mistakes that we have made as adults that we wish we could forget…

Getting together with family and friends is a must do. With deadlines, bills, carpools, headaches, disappointments, and life as we know it, a good laugh, cause by an embarrassing story from the past, could be just what you need to regroup.

I read somewhere that 15 minutes of gut-busting laughter is equal to 5 minutes of moderate jogging. If that is true, I probably laughed myself into a smaller pair of skinny jeans this past week!

Take some time to laugh as hard as you can…even if you have to laugh at yourself!

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