Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tips Week Day 2

So she wakes up feeling like she’s  just gone to sleep. She hits the snooze button leaving just enough time to shower, dress, and head out of the door. She sits in traffic complaining about how long it takes her to get to work. Speaking of work, she hates her job, her boss, and her co- workers. She gets to work and already she is counting the minutes until lunch. She does just enough work not to get fired, but not enough work to get that promotion. Finally, its lunch time and she spends it gossiping with the co-worker she hates, about the other co-workers she hates. Lunch is over and she spends the rest of her work day avoiding the boss she hates and counting down the minutes until she can go home. Her work day is over and she makes a mad dash to the door. As she sits in rush hour traffic, she thinks about all of the things she wants to do when she gets home. It takes her two hours to get home. She gets home tired, because after all, she has had a long day. She makes dinner, watches television until she can barely keep her eyes open, goes to sleep, and wakes up just to do the same thing all over again…

Does any of this sound familiar? What if we changed the she to a he and replaced gossiping with surfing the internet during the lunch hour? Or--- what if we threw a few kids and a wife or husband in the mix? This kind of daily routine is typical of people who are not clear and not focused. In fact, the she in the story above could easily describe me eight years ago.

Tip #2
Focus your efforts. Learning to focus your efforts toward specific objectives will increase your productivity, enhance your potential, and provide a space for new opportunities to enter into your life.

Here is a way you can focus your efforts. Divide your day into these 3 phases:

PreparationWake up at least 30 minutes earlier each day. (Exercise, meditate, and welcome possible opportunities.)
Spend at least 2 minutes saying what you are grateful for. (I am grateful for my life.)
Create a list of daily affirmations. State your intentions for the day. (Today will go as I have planned.)
Use your daily commute for personal development. (Listen to a book on CD.)

ProductionStick to the plan. (Review Tip #1)
Avoid distractions. (Stay away from gossip and social networking at work.)
Conduct mid-day assessments. (Keep track of your progress.)
Increase your efficiency. (Make sure your way is the best way and utilize all of your resources.)

RecreationRefresh your mind. (Listen to your favorite band, read a book, indulge in a hobby.)
Refresh your spirit. (Reflect on your daily accomplishments, meditate, pray.)
Refresh your body. (Take a walk, stretch, and spend time relaxing.)
Spend time in personal development. (Designate at least one hour to work on personal goals.)

Focusing your efforts by implementing this type of routine will help you go from just being busy to productive and from just getting by to enjoying every moment of your life.

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