Friday, July 9, 2010

The Story of Your Life

Everyone has a story. Celebrities live out their stories with coverage from the media. Wanna be celebrities live out their somewhat scripted stories on reality television. Then, there is us, real life people with real life stories. There are stories of victory and of failure, stories of love and of love lost, stories filled with moments of pride and stories of regret, but no matter the details, everyone has a story of their life.

My story begins with two teenagers who have no business being together. They hung out long enough for me to be conceived, but not long enough to see me born as a couple. Those facts are the only thing that everyone can agree on. From birth to about 8 or 9 years old, there are at least 10 versions of my life, depending upon who you ask. Although the beginning of life is a bit sketchy, what happened at the age of 10 changed the course of life as I knew it. At 10 years I realized something that some adults have yet to grasp. I saw everything around me, knew I wanted to change it, and realized that I could do just that. I could change my life. I could write my own life’s story.

There are some things in life that are written for you and characters that can’t be changed. You can not choose your parents or script your own childhood. Believe me, I have tried. No matter how many times I wished upon a star, my dad never turned into Dr. Huxtable. Here is the good news. The story of your life is not over. There are pages that haven’t been turned. Here is more good news. As an adult, you can write the story you choose. You can create your own story line. You can decide on the characters. You can live the life you choose.

On July 31st at Sperata on the Square in Lawrenceville Georgia, I will be sharing more of my story. I will also be sharing principals that have helped me re-write my own story line. Those same principals can be used to connect you to the power to create an intentional story of your own.

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