Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Add Value to Your Business

As part of my professional assessment regimen, I took some time last night to listen to the songs I have written most recently. The purpose of the assessment is to advance as a writer, so I listen to my music with specific criteria in mind. I ask and answer the following questions:

*Does it make sense? Content is very important to me. Every song that I write must be lyrically sound (no pun intended). I like to tell a story that every listener can follow.

*Is it relevant? My songs must connect with the listener on some level. It should have some significance to what is going on their lives.

*Have I evolved? As a writer who intends to have life-long relationship with music, I must consistently develop and advance.

Although this assessment was initially developed for me to improve upon my skills as a song writer, it will benefit anyone desiring improvement. Improvement is essential for those who want to advance or increase in value. If you provide a service or sell a product, you will experience positive results by making consistent improvements. For instance, as a store owner, you should use the first question to ensure that you have the highest quality in products. Question two should be used to ensure that there is a demand the products you provide. The last question will ensure that your business is a lastly one.

It only takes a few minutes to answer these three questions. Take some time today to add value to your business by performing your own professional assessment.

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