Thursday, May 6, 2010


In college, I also majored in musical theater. I know…psychology…musical theater…what’s the connection. Honestly, there is none. Well, I have been accused of having multiple personalities on occasion….but that’s a whole other story. The truth is there is a very serious side of me and then there is a side of me that loves to perform. The idea of becoming someone else, commanding the attention of a group of people that are as excited as you are to experience the transformation, and the stage…I love it! During my days in theater, I had the privilege to study under Joseph A. Walker and meet and work with Danny Glover. I also remember how great it was when the audience would demand an encore. An encore is a repeat performance. That basically means that the audience enjoyed the performance so much that they want to see it again. The thing about stage actors is that they only get one shot. There are no opportunities for do-overs. You rehearse and when the curtain goes up on opening night…you’re on…live. If you are good the audience will let you know and if you are bad the audience will let you know.

Just as I was the star in such productions as Godspell and Baby in the Bathtub, I am the star of my very own reality series called Nakeia’s Life. I know you have heard the phrase life’s a stage. Well in some since, it is. There are roles we play at work, at home, and with our friends. We take on the persona of spouse, employee, and friend, and then we do our best to fulfill those roles. As we go about our real life performances, there are times we are a success. During those times, our boss or spouse may demand an encore. We may have completed a project so well that our boss puts us in charge of the next one. We may have shown our spouse so much love and support that we are able to happily celebrate another anniversary as a couple. Then there are times when we completely bomb. During those times it’s like we can’t say or do anything right. We execute plans that seem to fail and it is at those times that we want to shut down production…completely.

Today, I want to encourage those who do not get the demands for an encore…those who have decided to close down the production…don’t give up!

Since you are the writer, director, and star of your life, you get to call all of the shots. Maybe you need to fire your current supporting cast and hire new ones. Maybe you need to re-write the script. Maybe you need to invest in an acting coach. Whatever it takes to make your production a success…do it! The reality is you are living in real life and not on a stage. Although real life is always live, you can do-over as many times as necessary for you to be a success. However, if you spend more time in the developmental stages before you decide to call the curtain, you won’t make as many mistakes. What happens in your yesterday only negatively effects today if you have not learned from it…

Today, review your script, make the necessary changes, and begin again. Don’t close the production just get…I am requesting an encore! I want to see you performing at your best!

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