Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Your Story of Sucess...

Jim is a simple man. He is a software engineer by day and a drummer in a local band by night. He drives the same car he purchased just after graduating college years ago. He lives in a townhouse that he owns and has affectionately named it his bad pad. Jim has simplified his life by maintaining the following routine…work…gym…rehearsal…bed. He alters that schedule on the weekends to include time for dating and hanging with his friends.

Lisa is driven. She was recruited by a major firm immediately after earning her graduate degree from an Ivy League college. She owns a studio apartment in the city, drives a luxury car, and surrounds herself with friends that are just as fabulous as she. She has a goal of making partner within the next 2 years. She maintains the following routine…yoga…work…1 hour run…work…bed.

Sue is busy. She is a stay-at-home wife and mother. She has 3 beautiful boys and is expecting what she hopes is a beautiful baby girl. In addition to maintaining her home, she teaches, plays with, and acts as chauffeurs for her children…AND…is the executive administrator for the business that she and her husband owns. Her complicated routine varies from day to day but is typically something like…wake kids up…feed kids…drive kids to school…4 hours of work at the home-office…house work…pick kids up…kids activities…dinner…pass out.

In addition to providing their background story, Jim, Lisa, and Sue were asked this question…would you consider yourself to be successful? Everyone answered yes.

Three completely different lifestyles, income levels, and personal goals, yet they all feel successful. The explanation is simple. Success is not limited to your material possessions, professional achievements, or personal gains. One person’s idea of success is not identical to the idea of another. What makes you successful is the achievement of your own personal intention. Do not compare, imitate, or limit yourself to others. You have your own personal story. Your life is uniquely yours. Own it by creating your own success story.
If your answer to the question would you consider yourself to be successful is no, then re-write your story. Your personal and professional success depends upon your intentional participation. Because you facilitate your own life, you have to ability to change its course at any time. You can be as successful as you intend to be.
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