Monday, May 10, 2010

Circle of Friends...

When it comes to your circle of friends, associates, acquaintances...or whatever you want to call need to learn to keep that circle tight.

Here is why...

Studies show that you will earn around the same salary, drive the same class of car, live in the same type of community, and share the same core values as your closest friends. In other words...birds of a feather, flock together...

When you put that into prospective, what does that say about you and your circle of friends?

If you are making the money you want, driving there car you want, and leaving the the home of your dreams, your circle of friends are probably doing the same. You probably spend time networking together, sharing stock tips, planning vacations, and sharing stories of success over weekend dinner dates.

If you are working at a job you hate, driving a car that needs an upgrade, living in a community that you dread coming home to at night, your circle of friends are probably doing the same. You probably spend time complaining together, sharing poor me stories, planning nothing, and sharing stories of failures over weekend dinner dates.

I know what you're thinking...but she's been my friend for years, or he's my children's godfather. I understand. I am not suggesting that you rid yourself of them. I am suggesting that you tighten your circle by making sure that your interactions with your friends connect to your ultimate life goals. What I mean by that is simple. I believe that the people you surround yourself with should be a source of power. Your friends should ignite an energy that will push you forward. You should encourage one another, support each other's strength, and strengthen each other in times of weakness. You can't do that if your friends don't exhibit the qualities that you wish to maintain in your own life.
Today, do a circle check. Is your circle connected or are there areas of leakage.? Are your friends adding to your life or are they draining the life out of you? Surrounding yourself with the right friends is vital to your success. You are only as wise, wealthy, and ultimately successful as the company you keep.

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