Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kindergarten Lessons...

So, as you know, I have been a mess all week. A MESS!

My one and only child, the apple of my eye, the center of my world, my human alarm clock---has finally (after much begging not to be home-schooled any longer) left the nest. I wasn't ready to let go. As difficult as it has been to work, prepare 3meals and 2 snacks a day, teach my daughter everything she needed to know about shapes, sounds, color, numbers, planets, presidents, and everything in between; 3 days ago, when I dropped her off at school I felt loss---LOSS. I wondered if I had made the right decision. I worried that all she would do all day was color and sing songs--- she a very bright child and she can and should be doing more than coloring and singing, I thought to myself. Day 2 was a little better because I had meetings to occupy my time. But on the way home I almost forgot that she would be there waiting for me...

This morning on the way to school, my daughter says to me---Mom, you need to get over it. We can't be together all of the time.

Get over it! Really?!

As I drove away from the school I realized that I really needed to get over it. I made a decision to let her go and now I must live with it. So, just like that* I am over it!

I decided to share my kindergarten lesson with you today because I know that I am not alone. I am not the only one that has made a decision that I was not able to live with.

In the words of a very wise kindergarten kid, get over it! Once you have made a decision, learn to live with it.

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