Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love (The Series) Part 3

Elizabeth Taylor had seven husband and eight marriages. She actually had the nerve to marry the same man twice! Well I certainly would have married him again for that 69.42-carat pear-shape diamond he purchased her! Now I am certain that there is some one some where that has married more than eight times, but Elizabeth Taylor is by far one of America’s favorite serial brides!

Honestly, I can’t imagine a desire to be married strong enough to make me do it eight times. But I have been married eight years and I can tell you that loving, supporting, nurturing, and training one husband is no walk in the park!

On a more serious note, It takes love, commitment, respect, and diligence to create a successful marriage. Each personal must be clear on his/her marital purpose. Here is a little premarital advice for those of you who desire to be married:
Before you say I DO…
…Here are a few questions that you and your mate should address:
What are your intentions (expectations) for marriage? You can not live happily ever after if you have not yet identified what happily ever after means to you. Each individual must be clear on what is expected of them. (Quick Tip: Be realistic about your expectations. Fairy tales are for children.)

What value does each of you intend to bring into the marriage? There is strength in partnering. When two people can come together, each bringing their own personal strengths, there is nothing that can not be accomplished! Understand the value of your intended mate and be sure to use it to become better yourself. (Quick Tip: Allow your mate to exercise his/her strength. If you can navigate through life alone, then you should remain single. Marriage has no place for ego!)

What will be your family purpose? You may lead separate lives in your career. You may have very important personal goals---But there should be a point in every marriage/family when you come together to achieve something as a unit. There should be something meaningful, something lasting, and that will enhance each individual’s personal strength. (Quick Tip: Scheduling some time each weekend to work on a family project will establish a routine that will help maintain a connection and strong sense of togetherness.)

I have listed three questions that can be the foundation of a successful marriage. For those of you who are already married, it is not too late to address these important issues. Staying connected to your intentions for marriage is what will assist you in maintaining the happy marriage that you desire. I strongly advice everyone that has made a decision to enter into marriage to seek the counsel of a professional before you say I DO.

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