Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love (The Series) Part 4

The idea of attraction is something that I have spent many years researching. It is a concept that continually resurfaces every decade or so. In the early part of the twentieth century a concept surrounding the idea of attraction officially became known as The Law of Attraction. However, it is reported that in 1879, the New York Times was the first major newspaper to use the phrase Law of Attraction. A book and movie by the same name, titled The Secret (2006), highlights the law and featured many leading philosophers, motivators, and inspirational thinkers of today. I have purposely stayed away from the Law of Attraction in my blogs for many reasons. The main reason is because it is not a law that I totally ascribe to. Today is no different…

I want to introduce the principle of attraction as it pertains to dating. This is a complex idea so I will cover a few key principles here on the blog. For those of you who may desire further explanations, as always, you have an open invitation to ask questions and leave comments.
According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, to attract is to draw by appeal to natural or excited interest, emotion, or aesthetic sense. Attraction is the act, process, or power of drawing/pulling to oneself. It is also the power of drawing forth a response. In other words if you attract something or someone, you are acting as a magnet.
Specific to dating, attraction is literally what brings or draws to people together. Someone may pull your attention to them by offering a pleasant smile; others may draw your attention because of a pleasant cologne or perfume. Either way, something caught your attention or peaked your interest. Conversely, you may pull someone else’s attention in the same way.
Now that my lecture is over, basically here is what I want you to know:
If you have been wondering why every man you meet only want s to sleep with you, you must consider the principle of attraction. Did to attract that man by your pleasant smile, intellectual conversation, or that new black dress that fits you like a glove? Let’s be real for a second, men are visual. If they see it and it looks good to them that is almost all it takes to set the principle of attraction in motion. Now I am not saying put the new black dress in the back of the closet. Just consider the things that you want to make the central focus of a relationship, and make sure that those things are being used to attract the man you desire.
As for my male readers, the same apply to you. If you use money to attract a date, do not become alarmed when your date expects you to maintain that lavish lifestyle. Material gifts and expensive dinners are great---but should be considered an investment when it comes to dating. A woman of substance is connected to what is important in life and doesn’t need your money.
Here are a few quick tips for attracting the man/woman you desire:
If you want a smart man/women, become smart yourself and use your intellect to attract a mate.

If you want an attractive man/woman, take care in your own personal appearance and health.

If you want a man/ woman who is wealthy, learn everything there is to know about money and use that knowledge to become wealthy yourself.

One final thought on the principle of attraction as it pertains to dating; you should not spend the prime of your life, seeking the attention of another. Purpose, contentment, and wholeness is attractive, if you seek to attract fulfillment in those areas of your life, the best man/woman will automatically be drawn to you.

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