Monday, August 30, 2010

A Toy and Catch Phrase

Philosophers, mathematical theorist, humanists, astronauts, Beyonce’, and the President himself have all used this one particular quote. I, for one, have been using this quote so much lately, that I should be offered some sort of endorsement deal. It’s so deep. There is no limit to its possible use.

And it was the words of this world famous, 12-inch, space ranger!

That’s right! An award winning, Disney Pixar character by the name of Buzz Lightyear, of Toy Story, has sparked quite an interest among children, of course, but also among adults since hitting the big screen in 1995. The catch phrase, to infinity…and beyond is used by 5 year olds on the playground and college professors in the classroom…

In the case of Toy Story, infinity is used to reference space beyond the Earth. When I use it, I am referencing something that is boundless, limitless, and too great to count. For instance, you can think without bounds, dream without bounds, and create limitless opportunities IF you dare to do those things with a mind that is set to infinity…and beyond.

This week I want you to approach each day, each opportunity, and each new endeavor with a mind set to infinity. Think out of the bounds of your currentcircumstance, dream without limits, and live a life that creates an atmosphere where opportunities too great to count are welcomed.

To infinity…and beyond!

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  1. I'm stripped in and ready to infinity...and beyond!