Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Special Offer...

As we move toward fall, I am preparing to focus my intentions on new objectives, goals, and ideas for the next season. There is only 4 months left to this year. Now a few years back you may have found me in panic mode right about now. As you well know I am a planner. So I would join the rest of the world in writing New Year’s resolutions, plans, goals---whatever you want to call it. Most of the time, each year’s list would be identical to the year before. I would get all caught up in the hype over the resolutions, and when the hype wore off, so did my desire to resolve.

This year’s list was the best one yet. Instead of writing a long list of things I wanted to do. I prepared a short list of things that I needed to do before 2010 was over. There were goals that I had been carrying over from year-to-year---for years. I was not going out like that this year! I am proud to say that most of my intentions for this year have been accomplished. If this week goes as planned, there will only be two things left for me to accomplish and I have 4 months to do it!
What about you? Are you proud of how you have lived year? Have you crossed off the things on your list? Have you come to a resolve on the major issues in your life?
There is still 4 months left to 2010. I want to see you leave this year with no regrets! So, I am offering my services as a Life Development Strategist and Mentor, for FREE, to 1 reader. If you follow my blog, you know what I do. I have given out strategies and principles that people pay me for just so that you can live a desired life. Some of you have sent me messages saying how something I that have shared has made you think, but now it is time to take action! I will not disclose the identity of the person that is chosen, however I will be sharing our journey on the blog. Just send me a message detailing your intentions and explain why you believe you are finally ready to make it happen. This offer is not for the weak, scared, and lazy. That’s right---you heard me! You must be willing to put in the work! I am willing to make the commitment if you are!
This offer will expire August 13, 2010. Do not delay!!!
For those of you that are not chosen, I have a special offer for you as well.
Let’s Make It Happen!!!!!

To Blog…Nakeia

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