Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do Something...

So yesterday was undoubtedly the craziest day I have had all year! I woke up tired and excited all at the same time. I was finally going to a Spinning Class! For those of you that have not heard of Spinning, it is an indoor cycling class. The concept of indoor cycling was introduced in the 1980’s by Jonathan Goldberg. Goldberg later teamed up with John Baudhum and developed Spinning. It is reported that one can burn between 400-600 calories in 40 minutes. It is a great way to work hard with “low impact”. I could go on and on but, I will spare you. Just know that I AM ADDICTED! Every since my first class 2 years ago, and the 2 dress sizes I have lost as a result of it, I have been hooked! Unfortunately, before yesterday, I hadn’t been to a Spinning class in over 6 months. You see, my family and I have recently relocated and the transition has been very tedious. Not only did we move ourselves, but we have moved our businesses as well. Anyway, since I had been unable to go to the gym, I decided that I would hold off on being active in everyway. No Spinning…No anything! I didn’t want to walk outside because it was to cold. I didn’t want to do any of the many home fitness videos I own because they didn’t work me as hard as Spinning did. Any excuse I could think of…I used. Those excuses came back to haunt me right in the middle of Spinning! My muscles were weak, my endurance was low, and I was just really out of shape. I made it through the class…barely. It was awful! I went from Spinning 3 days a week, in addition to resistance training 2 days a week, to barely making it through a 1hour class. Not to mention, my endurance, conditioning, and weight loss has stalled.

Years ago I developed the Do Something™ principle. After complaining about not being where I wanted to be in my professional career, I realized that doing something is always better than doing nothing. This principle is simple. Let’s say you want to open a bakery but do not have the capital you need to secure a building. You can choose to do nothing, stay at your current job, and continue to only dream of being a business owner. Or, you can do something like having a bake sale the last Friday of every month; selling baked goods to co-workers, friends and their co-workers, and other local businesses in your area. You may not have a building at the start but small orders once a month can lead to small business ownership in months to come. It is never a good idea to do nothing because you are not able to what you really want to do right away. Taking small steps towards your goals will lead to the fulfillment of that goal.

What you should learn from my Spinning debacle is this…

Do Something! Putting off actively working toward your goal will stall your ability to achieve it. If you do something you just might get the thing you want. I am guilty! I did nothing for 6 months. I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do so I decided to make excuses and do nothing. Instead of getting closer to my goal of being fit and healthy, I got a back ache, muscle pains, and a sore butt (those of you who Spin know what I mean). Every muscle in my body hurts…I have been crawling up and down my staircase…BUT…at 9:15am…if you look for me, you will find me in the Spinning class at LifeTime Fitness! After all…I am ADDICTED!

To Blog…Nakeia


  1. This was very helpful Nakeia! Seriously, I'm going to incorporate this philosophy, it makes so much sense. Keep up the good work.

  2. Bizzybody 1913...I am glad you are encouraged to do something! Incorporating this principal will change your perception...which will change your actions...which will further develop your character.

    Stay Encouraged!