Friday, March 12, 2010

The Fun Factor

I had some interesting conversations this week. I spoke with some housewives about their desires to be able to just get away sometimes. I spoke with a guy who was feeling overwhelmed by his 9 to 5 and said he wish he could just go shoot some hoops. I spoke with a young woman who is a wife and mother with a career that was just not fun for her anymore. The hustle and bustle of life has sucked the fun right out of the lives of people I spoke with this week.

I am certain that at this point in your reading, you are already thinking of the fun thing you wish you could do. You are complaining in your head about how you are never able to do it. I will tell you what I told them. Do it! Have some fun! I mean really…what is holding you back? Kids…Work…You??!? If you can find time to talk to a friend on the phone, watch a television show, visit social networking sites, you can find time to have some fun. We all need a laugh, a moment of release, and time to just hang out.

So, once again…do it! T.G.I.F! What better time to have fun than the weekend? Make a promise to yourself to do one fun thing this weekend…Just One Thing. I am sure you can fit that in. Put the kids to bed early and invite some friends over. Wake up Saturday morning and go to the park. I am sure there is a ball game that will be waiting for you. If you can’t commit to a full day, just designate few hours. Do one thing this weekend that will make you laugh so hard, tears roll down your face! Then, make it a point to engage in other fun activities at least once a month.

Invite the Fun Factor back into your life!

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