Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Follow My Dust...

I was on my way to the gym yesterday morning, late as usual, when I was cut off, delayed, and utterly annoyed by traffic. This one car in particular, just kept weaving in and out of the lane that I was in. It was almost as if the driver couldn’t make up in his mind where he wanted to go…like he got in the car and said I have no idea what my destination will be, so I will just drive in every lane I see until I figure it out, oh…and annoy Nakeia while I am at it! Eventually I caught a break in traffic and passed the guy that was going nowhere fast. I got to the gym with just a minute to spare before my Spin class began. It took me almost all day to get over that guy in the white Honda…probably because I was sore due to the fact that I was too late to warm up before class (yes…I still need to warm up).

In life, you may be where I was yesterday morning. You know where you need to be, are taking the actions needed to get there, but you find yourself cut off, delayed, and sometimes utterly annoyed. If you fall in this category, you may need to pass by the people that are slowing you down. Unfortunately, there are some people that fall in the category of the guy in the white Honda. There are people that have no sense of just weave in and out of careers and relationships causing traffic jams along the way. These people may present themselves as friends, co-workers, and maybe even family members in your life. It is up to you to leave those people in your dust. This is vital in getting to where you need to be in life. If they are smart, they will follow the path that your dust leaves behind in pursuit of their own destiny.

Now…I am not suggesting that you isolate yourself from your friends and family. I am encouraging you to stay the course. I am suggesting that you control your flow in traffic by not allowing others to slow you down and prevent you from keeping your appointment with destiny. Take an inventory of the people that are in your lane. Are they keeping up with the flow of traffic or are they slowing you down?

To Blog…Nakeia


  1. This is sOOO true. Def. easier said than done but surely a must do. Thank you for the reminder...

  2. Syreena...2009 was a very difficult year for me. I had to let go of friendships and distance myself from certain family members because they were weighing me down. I still love them but I limit my exposure to them.

    Stay the course Syreena! Protect yourself and take control of your journey by setting your pace and not allowing anything or anyone to slow you down!

  3. Nakeia your blogs are such an inspiration and each day I log on with anticipation of being inspired by you.