Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Elevator Pitch...

If I’ve said it 1 million times, it wasn’t enough…we must be prepared to open the door when opportunity knocks! This is a lesson that I learned, the hard way, and have NEVER forgotten! In my lifetime, I have missed out on business opportunities, scholastic endeavors, and loads free stuff, all because I showed up unprepared. Then one day I missed out on an opportunity I REALLY wanted and made a promise to myself that I would not allow that to happen again…EVER! I am proud to say I have kept my promise. When I am not working in some capacity I am spending time preparing for some opportunity… I am writing songs to add to my song library in case a record label calls with a request for a song… I am writing blogs, which normally turn into seminar or keynote ideas in case a meeting planner calls with a request for my presence at his or her next conference…I am working out the details, putting things together, and making myself ready!

Don’t allow another opportunity to pass you by. Be prepared to open the door when opportunity knocks!

I will spend the rest of this week sharing some key ways you can prepare for your next opportunity…

(1.) Develop your elevator pitch.
An elevator pitch is a synopsis of what you and your business is all about. You should be able to share it in the time it takes you and a potential client or investor to ride the elevator to your respective stops. You should also have an elevator pitch if you work for someone else. You never know when you will find yourself on the elevator with the CEO, Vice President, or Department Head of your company. That kind of pitch should contain your title, your experience, and details about what you are currently working on.


Sensational Scents Candle Co.
I am Nakeia CEO of Sensational Scents Candle Co. At SSCO, we offer handcrafted, slow burning candles in various shapes, sizes and scents. Our candles provide an aromatic atmosphere of comfort, are great decorative accents for your living, dinning, and bathroom areas, and are a good investment because they are slow burning and will last for months.

That pitch provides the most important elements. I tell who I am, what I offer, and why you should buy it. I get annoyed every time I ask someone what they do and he or she rambles on for several minutes and never really answer my question.

Be prepared to sell your business and ultimately yourself, by being able to share what you in a precise and straight to the point pitch.

To Blog…Nakeia

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