Monday, March 22, 2010

Inspiration in Unlikely Places

I speak often of getting started. I write about starting a business…starting to make better choices…starting an exercise regimen…starting to take the steps necessary to live a desired life…just starting something!

Well…I had a personal realization this weekend that you may find interesting...
Sometimes, I have trouble getting started. That is why I spend so much time developing plans and writing lists. If I understand what I need to do and how I am going to go about getting in done, I usually hit the ground running. However, every now and then, I come across things that cause me to become distracted, discouraged, and ultimately my progress gets delayed. It is at those times that getting started is not an issue, but staying focused is. When I have set a goal, developed a plan of action and maybe my time frame gets off track, or I have to take off my business hat and replace it with my mommy hat, I can not just abort the mission. I have to find a way to refocus.

This weekend, I found inspiration in the most unlikely thing…

Thoroughbreds are the most notable racehorses. They are considered hot-blooded horses because of their agility, speed and spirit. They are also referred to as Thoroughbreds because their ancestry can be traced back to 3 foundation sires, which is rare. That breeding brought about an animal which could carry weight with sustained speed, over extended distances. In training and racing, a blinker hood (also known as a blinder or visor) is used. Some trainers believe this keeps the horse more focused on what is in front of them. The trainer can use a half-cup, which allows the horse to see directly in front of him or a full-cup, with a hole drilled in the front.

Normally when you think of Thoroughbreds, you think of their purity, speed, and agility. Now when you think of them, also think of their ability to focus and go the distance! You are not a horse but you apart of a rare breed of dreamers and visionaries. You have ideas, concepts and inventions to create. You are not in a race but you are on a mission to fulfill your purpose. There is a place you need to be and a dream you need to realize. When things get distracting, put your mental visor on and focus. Cut distractions and discouragement out of your view by setting your sight on the happiness and success that is just ahead of you!

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