Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank God...It's Not Just Me!

I had a very difficult time getting started. I have had so many ideas about life and how it should be lived. However, in the midst of my ideas was also my reality. I was struggling with feelings of rejection and depression. I have made some horrible life choices and still to this day I struggle with my attitude. How can I tell someone else to do what I had a hard time doing myself? In order for me to be effective, I had to live the life I asked everyone else to live. I had to be accountable and responsible. I work at it daily.

That is some of what I wrote in a response to an email I received the other day. I was contacted by a woman that was asking me how I did it. She wanted to know how I got over my past, how I decided on a career, and how I came up with all of my formulas to personal development. She said that she had tried everything she knew to get it right, yet she still struggles. Her questions were typical but her tone made me uncomfortable. At that moment I realized that people need to know that I live what I say. What I mean is that I have not arrived. This life is an eternal journey and not a road trip. The words that I say and the formulas I develop are at work in my own life. I try to stay the course but I to have had to take detours and have come across some bumps in the road, yet I stay committed.

She replied to my email this morning. The first line said Thank God…It’s not just me!

It is not just you! Most of what I speak and write about I have either lived through in the past or I am getting through right now. Knowing that is what keeps me empowered to empower you. If I stay the course and get through the difficulties of life, pursue my vision with diligence, and master the strategies and formulas I develop, I can come out on the other side ready to share my experience with you.

So, I encourage you to stay the course. Your path is your own, but you are not on a journey alone!

To Blog…Nakeia

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