Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yesterday I gave you some homework. Hopefully, you have put at least some thought into developing your elevator pitch. If not maybe this will give you a push…

Without going into to much detail…today I was put on the spot! I placed a call to inquire about possible business dealings and I expected to be quoted a price. When I expressed my interest in utilizing the company’s services, the Director said he was on his way to a meeting but asked to hear a brief overview of my company and what we had to offer. I gave him my elevator pitch and he explained that he was looking for someone like me to call, and that there may be an opportunity for us to begin a business relationship at no cost to me!

That is the kind of opportunity that a person who pursuing his or her destiny must always be prepared for!

Which brings me to today’s point…

(2.) Be prepared to press go at a moments notice.
This point may be considered the most vital. I have met people that could talk themselves into future! I am serious…they talk a great game…point-by-point! BUT…when it’s game time, they can’t even catch the ball, never mind being able to run with it! Being prepared to press go at a moments notice is where talking stops and action starts! Whatever business you are in and whatever service your offer, you should always be ready for the first or next client to call. No one that is in need of a service should have to wait for you to get things ready. Most people will not wait.

I will never forget the first time I had to press go in the music business. My job in our music production company, Remnant Productions, LLC, is to write songs, record a reference for them, shop them to labels/artists, and act as business manager. Everyday, I send out emails and make phone calls to solicit work. A few years back, I was talking to the VP of A&R at one particular company almost daily, trying to get a break. One day he says to me…ok, I am finishing up an album right now and we need one more song, if you send me something hot, I will put it on the record. BUT…we need it right away! Now, for us, the process of creating music can be very fast or very slow. It really just depends on the vibe…as corny as that may sound…its true. Since no one can predict the vibe, it is best to write constantly and develop a library of songs that can be sent out at a moments notice. Because I was prepared, I was able to land a placement on that album, which was nominated for a Grammy! That song may have been the last one recorded, but it was the first single released…which is a pretty big deal!

Prepare to press go! If you are a caterer, have your produce, meat, and linen vendors on speed dial! Have great tasting, well- planned menus ready to be presented to a bride or a meeting planner. If you own a car service, have your vehicles detailed and gassed-up…after all it is wedding and prom season!

By now, you get today’s point…

Spend time today making sure that you are preparred to press go!

Chance favors the prepared mind ~ Unknown

To Blog…Nakeia

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