Friday, March 26, 2010

Prepare to Progress...

There are many ways that you can spend time preparing to further progress professionally. I chose to share three vital points that I have personal experience with. Today, I want to encourage you to prepare by revisiting your developmental stage. Go back to moment you decided to become an accountant, a teacher, or a clothing store owner. Remember your drive, your mission, and your desire to be as successful at it as you could possibly be. Now ask yourself this question…can I take this even further?

(3.) Prepare to progress.
As you may have read before, my grandmother (the reigning Mac & Cheese Queen) was a caterer (she only comes out of retirement for a select few these days). She was in that industry for over 30 years. She prepared great food for weddings, conferences, luncheons, and any other occasion you can think of. As she grew older, the rest of my family and I constantly made attempts at convincing her to expand. We suggested that she launch her own restaurant. I explained to her that in opening her own restaurant, she would have to be prepared to turn over some responsibility to others, actually write out her recipes (which is asking a lot of a southern cook who doesn’t believe in measuring anything), and she would have to close her catering business or open a restaurant that would expand into a catering facility. In my opinion, her opportunities were endless. At that time, she was catering some sort of occasion every week, but she was also getting older. I knew that she ran the risk of not being able to keep up with the demands of her business. It was a now or never moment for her.

Unfortunately, my grandmother spent most of her young adulthood working so hard that she did not prepare for the possibility of progressing into something that could potentially bring her even more success. Instead of launching her own restaurant/catering facility, she continued her private catering business until she retired at 65 years old. My grandmother had a very successful career. But…I can’t help but wonder how much further she could have taken it.

I believe in the principle of living full and dying empty. Most of us can’t even imagine the potential that is within us. There is always room for improvement, growth, and expansion. Be prepared to take it to the next level. Prepare to progress by continuing to research your field and maximize networking opportunities. Staying on top of the latest technology, equipment, and trends is also important for growth.

You have the ability to take things even further. Prepare to Progress!

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