Thursday, April 15, 2010

From Confusion to Order...

So there is another word I was sort of forced to brush up on this week… (drum roll please)…confuse. I am sure you are thinking…why does she feel the need to look that one up? Well, once again I am glad you’ve asked. I use this word often. Sometimes I use it figuratively…like when someone says or does something I feel is ridiculous. I answer them with a sarcastic I’m confused…as in…I am confused by the fact that the person believes what was just done or said was acceptable. Other times I use the word confuse when I am really…well…confused.

Today, however, I discovered brand new (to me) uses for the word. To confuse is to disturb the mind of purpose. To be confused is to be in a state of disorder. This word defines the need for personal and professional development. What I try to do each day is to develop, discover, and research ways to bring order to my life by pursuing my purpose. For years I lived in a state of confusion. I was disturbed by experiences, choices, relationships, you name it…it disturbed me. Externally, I was in order. I kept a neat home and arranged my daily schedule to be as productive as possible. Internally, however, I was a mess. I was happy one minute and sad the next. I was pursuing one career, while studying to become something else. I was just really confused! Then, I discovered my purpose and began pursuing it by designing a plan that brought order to all of the chaos in my life.

If your mind has been disturbed of its purpose and you live in a state of disorder, I encourage you to begin to design a plan that will bring order and a clear purpose to your life. Personal development and enlightenment is not for lazy people who lack vision, sobbing women looking someone to fix things, or young adults trying to find themselves. It is for people who are NOT confused but who know they were born to contribute to this earth by living an intentional and abundantly successful life. Dispel the confusion in your life. Invest in your personal and professional development daily.

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