Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Truth is...

I get upset, discouraged, annoyed, doubtful, fearful, and just plain mad from time to time. I do not always wake up with a smile on my face…ready to face the world. Sometimes I need to adjust my attitude, apologize to my husband for snapping (almost daily), and pray that tomorrow is better than today. I need more money, a boost in business, to loose more weight, a bigger house, new friends, and a new handbag (I just had to throw that one in).

…That is the reason I do what I do…

It keeps me accountable for what I choose to do in times of uncertainty and offers authentic words of empowerment…authentic because I use then to empower me…not just you. Everything that I mentioned that I feel from time to time, I flush out of my system with books, blogs, CD’s, and DVD’s that add to my personal, professional, and spiritual development.

It is important to prepare yourself with resources that will empower you to combat the doubt, fear and anxiety that may try to oppose you. You can’t turn on the television without being exposed to death, devastation, and hysteria. At work you can get bombarded by your co-worker’s family drama and your boss’ unreasonable demands. Shield the impact of that negativity. Start and end your day on a positive note. Read a book of inspirational quotes by prominent figures. Pop in a DVD of your favorite comedian and laugh yourself to sleep. Send up a prayer for someone else and take your mind off of your own circumstances. Meditate daily to de-stress, open yourself up to new ideas, and just listen to what your body is telling you it needs…AND…READ MY BLOG…

To Blog…Nakeia

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