Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Throw Away Your To Do List!

Throw away your To Do List! Yeah…you read it correctly. Throw it away! It’s nothing but a long list of things that you rarely get through during the course of one day. Most of the things on the list just end up on the next days to do list. The reason why most people fail at completing their list is because it is equivalent to a Wish List. You work all week and try to catch up on the weekend and when you fall behind; you sit down and write a list of things to do. Think about it…you write down all of your house work, kid’s projects, unfinished workload, self-grooming, emails, phone calls, networking, and on…and on. Then you start at number one and wish hope for the best. So, take some of the pressure off of your hectic life, and get rid of it!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get productive!

Replace that To Do List with a Must Do List…

Instead of a long list of things that it would be great to get done before your day is complete, write a short list of things that must get done in order to complete your day. In order for your list to be effective it must have an objective. The basis of your objective should always be to move you forward. For instance, if you are in business for yourself, sending out 100 emails to potential clients detailing your next event is not a to do…it‘s a must do. It will make all of the difference in furthering your business. To take your list to the next level, you can expand your Must Do List over the course of a week and make Monday the day that you must complete your emails. Or…if you are as neurotic as I, you can compile a Must Do List that is managed by time. You can delegate 9am to 11am just for emails daily. That type of must do list creates a habit of getting things done because it establishes a routine that will become automatic after some consistency. Do whatever works best for you but remember to keep it short. My lists are usually no more than 5 things. This makes it do-able. You shouldn’t measure yourself by how many things you attempt, but how many things you actually complete…effectively.

If you want to be more productive, throw away your To Do List and replace it with a Must Do List!

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