Friday, April 30, 2010

The Re-launch

I started speaking, unofficially, as a teenager. I was asked to speak to my peers by youth group leaders, principals, and community leaders. I continued to speak sporadically throughout college to student-lead organizations as well as non- profit organizations. Then it all came to a halt when I began to focus on other business endeavors. I have been an unofficial consultant for several businesses, women seeking work-mom-wife balance, and men looking to add a successful home life to their already successful lives as business men.

Well, I have decided to move from unofficial to official a few years back. What has worked for me and those who I have been privilege to have help in the past will work for so many others seeking a way to achieve the life they desire. As I prepare for a re-launch in my new home town, I am branding, working on my website, developing upgrades for this blog, and editing my first book! I am really excited about re-launching the summer!

In the meantime, my goal is to continue blogging daily. However, please forgive me if it is not at the same time everyday or if I miss a yesterday :-(. I will try really hard to be consistent. I am pleased to have found another piece of who I am in addition to wife, full-time mom, song writer, and business manager. But lets face it...I got a lot going on!

As I refocus my efforts, I invite you to spend some time this weekend refocusing yours. There may be more things inside of you waiting to be unleashed. As people we are multi-layered. Peel back those layers by exploring your other gifts. Maybe it will be revealed to you in the form of a hobby like my photography. Maybe your other gift will lead you to some moonlighting as I do as a makeup artist. Maybe there is something that you have already been doing unofficially that should be upgraded to an official status.

Take some time to observe yourself at work with those little things you take for granted. You may discover a business idea, new hobby, or just a way to help others on their journey.

Happy Friday!

To Blog...Nakeia

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