Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Upgrade: to improve the quality of something, exchange something for something better.

These are indications that it is time for you to upgrade:

If you spend more time crying than laughing in your current is time for you to upgrade. Whoever said that love hurts either never experienced real love or was the one doing the hurting. You deserve to experience true love. So move the person out of the way that is causing you to hurt to make room for the one that will love you for real.

If you call your friend to talk about something important in your life but you spend the entire conversation talking about them…it is time for you to upgrade. A friendship should be reciprocal. If you are never on the receiving end of the friendship, then it is one-sided and lacks balance. As you give love, support, and encouragement to others, you should be replenished with love, support, and encouragement.

If you have been employed by the same company in the same position for years and have never been offered a promotion or a raise…it is time for you to upgrade. In this particular economic climate, I am not suggesting that you quit. However, I am suggesting that you complete a career assessment. Your boss could be waiting for you to show initiative. Prepare yourself for an upgrade by taking advantage of company funded professional development courses. You will be surprised to find out what programs your human resources office offers. Then march into your boss’ office, after knocking of course, and ask for it. With the cutbacks that many of us are facing, it will be cheaper for your company to promote you and increase your pay a little, than to hire someone new and pay them a full salary. You can upgrade from a job to a career simply by researching ways to improve upon your performance and then showing initiative.

Just because you are in a familiar place in your life doesn’t mean you should make it permanent. There is always an opportunity for you to improve the quality of your life by exchanging those things that are not adding value to you for something or someone better.

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