Friday, April 9, 2010

The Power of Pink...

Sometimes life can be just too darn serious. With business, bills, babies, workouts, meal plans, spouses, traffic, writing, reading, researching, cleaning, speaking, breathing…sometimes it can be too much! Whenever I feel this way I break out the big gun…the color Pink…PINK! It has always been my favorite color…it makes me happy, brightens up my day, and makes me feel all girlie on the inside. That is exactly how I need to feel when things get overwhelming.

So…I am breaking out OPI’s Heartthrob nail color for a manicure and pedicure, M.A.C’s eye shadows in Vex for my lid, Sketch in the crease, and Vanilla and Seedy pearl to highlight under my brow…for my cheeks just a touch of Dolly Mix and for the lips, an explosion of Icescape Lipglass. Then I’m throwing on my hot pink flats from Target, and my equally hot pink HOBO handbag to accessorize my comfortable blue jeans and baby tee. Once I am totally pinked…I’m packing up the mini-me and the hubby and we’re off for a night out on the town. We will probably end up at Stevie B’s where I will fill up at the salad bar leaving just enough room for 1 slice of loaded baked potato pizza. Finally, I will complete my day by sipping on a 20oz bottle of ice-cold Wild cherry Pepsi while watching the comedy channel with my main squeeze…

I don’t know if you love the color pink as much as I do…but whatever it is that will take your mind off of the complicated things of life and placed it on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good, and virtuous, take the time this weekend to do it.

Pink Rocks!

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