Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today, patterns were the focus of my daughter’s lesson. The patterns were filled with fruits, animals, shapes, and numbers. One of the patterns went something like apple, banana, orange, apple, banana, ______. My daughter’s job was to fill in the blank. Since she has been studying patterns for some time now, she doesn’t even need to start at the beginning and recite her way to the end. She takes a quick glance at the patterns and quickly calls out what should come next. In addition to her work books, I try to teach her how to translate her reading, writing, and arithmetic into practical uses for day to day living. Today, I was presented with the perfect opportunity to explain to my daughter how she expresses a specific pattern of behavior everyday around nap-time. At 1pm, every single day, my daughter gets itchy, whinny, and complain-y. Despite the fact that she is visibly and audibly tired, she gives me at least 10 reasons why she shouldn’t take a nap. Eventually, I get her to go to sleep…most days anyway. She wakes up with a second wind and is ready to go! Then around 7:30 pm it starts all over again because…of course…its bed-time.

Whether you realize it or not, you also have a distinct pattern of behavior. You woke up this morning and went about your day the exact same way as the days before. There is a regular or repetitive form, order, or arrangement to your life. You should also know that you are predictable. From the way you eat, drive, speak, and walk, if the person you spent most of your time with were to be quizzed on what you will do next in any of those areas, he or she would be able to complete the pattern.

I want you to recognize your own pattern of behavior. When you set a goal, how to do go about achieving it? When you are given an assignment at work, how do you go about completing it? When you feel afraid, how do you go about dispelling that fear? I want you to uncover any unproductive or unhealthy patterns of behavior in your life. If you are not getting what you want out of life, evaluate your patterns of behavior. Develop a pattern that is productive, predictable and intentional.

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