Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back At It!

I must admit, I am still sort of weirded out by the whole me blogging thing. People...people I know that is...actually read it. My aunt, sister, bff (of 21 years), grandmom, husband, cousins, facebook friends, gym mates...ok, ok! You get the idea. I usually write about things that I discuss throughout the day anyway or have formulated into a keynote speech or seminar.

I switch my tone for this blog, depending on the nature of my discussion for the day. Sometimes I may come across as a lecturer and sometimes a bit informal and conversational. Either way, I take much thought into what I want to say to you.

Back to the weirded out thing. I was talking to someone the other day, complaining about how my many, ManY plans are not working out the way that I want them to. I went on and on about my intentional efforts, mission assessments and must do lists. The I told her that I was just going to put what I was working on to the side for a while because it was beginning to reaLLY get me out of character. Then she, who will remain nameless, used one of my blogs to shut me right on up! She said didn't you say that doing something will ALWAYS get you further than doing nothing...! Weird, right? When have I ever been speechless?

Well, I just wanted to let her, who shall remain nameless, know (publicly) that I am back at it...doing something until the thing I want to happen~haPPens!

As for you...what will you get back at today? In the words of me and my nameless friend, doing something will ALWAYS get you further than doing nothing.

To Blog...Nakeia

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